Principia reached highly granular audience with Branded

January 3, 2020


Principia is a trusted research partner for the building materials and construction industry, providing data and analytics that allow clients to better understand their markets and customers, and refine their sales and marketing strategy. A long-time Principia client, a major manufacturer of HVAC products, wanted to assess how decisions are made on the type and brand of HVAC systems placed in schools using custom quantitative research. The manufacturer’s goal was to use insights gained from the study to develop a strategy to increase their market share in the HVAC industry.


Principia needed to survey an extremely targeted, hard-to-reach audience, a sample of 500 decision makers in charge of implementing HVAC systems in K through 12 school facilities. Prior to contacting Branded, Principia spent time and money trying to reach their audience via targeted industry email lists with limited success. They fielded their study to an audience of 35,000 yielding a mediocre response of 50 completes in 2 days.

After trying this approach, Principia turned to Branded’s vast community for more accurate targeting to field their survey. With over 2 million community members to leverage, the Branded community yielded 120 qualified responses within 2 hours. The survey fielding finished with over 500 high-quality completes, providing Principia with more than enough data to meet their client’s needs.


Qualified responses within 2 hours


Completed valuable survey finishers


By relying on Branded’s proprietary research community, Principia was able to strengthen their relationship with the major HVAC manufacturer and provide them with the custom targeted research they needed to usurp more market share in the HVAC industry. These results were very well received and led the client to contract for additional work within the segment.

“Branded Research is a true partner. We call Branded FIRST when a project requires quality data from extremely specific, targeted audiences. They have driven success for our clients time and time again, enabling us to give them well-qualified, valuable custom data to leverage.”

Principia Consulting