Our AI ensures quality
in every data point.

Providing trusted and unique insights.

Data security

Quality at every touchpoint

Branded's optimized AI provides multi-layered quality assurances across all user touchpoints. Our insistence on quality at every user interaction provides you with the insights needed to make confident and critical decisions about your products, services and more.

Real-time bot protection

Our real-time bot protection via secure prescreening systems allows for authentic data you can trust. Machine learning predicts both poor behavior and unsubstantiated identities from each of the 15k+ new users who register with us every day. This is critical to prevent sub-optimal data before it reaches our clients.


Fraud protection

AI-powered audience scoring

Utilizing over 30 data points that are continually updated and optimized, we are able to identify, score, classify, and remove new users at a 95%+ rate of accuracy. Our unique and comprehensive scoring and classification system is developed around all our users, determining whether they are cleared for full participation, require further quality checks and vetting or should be removed from our audience entirely. These frontline assurances ensure data integrity before a user enters a study.

Quality assurance program

Our audience scoring is continually updated with real-time data quality checks you can trust. All users are routinely put through our extensive and proprietary AI-driven quality assurance exercises to ensure data is fully vetted.


Transparency into our data collection practices

We pride ourselves on an open relationship with both our clients and our audience. Branded offers full transparency into our data collection and security practices.

Commitment to data privacy

Branded continually refines our data privacy practices to secure all data collected, processed or archived. We maintain the integrity and security of that data as it pertains to global, federal and state-specific compliance. Our systems are ICO, CCPA and cross-community (US, UK, CA) GDPR compliant.

Insights vetted by 3rd party partnerships

Don't just take our word for it. Branded boasts multiple 3rd party IP intelligence partnerships to assist in our audience validation efforts.