Finding targeted audiences for innovative research

By Kristen Miles, Data & Marketing expert

October 4, 2021

Intelligent audience sampling

At Branded, we help our clients find the niche audiences they need to complete their research projects. With over total 2 million users and over 15,000 new users joining everyday - the breadth and depth of our audience base allows for efficient and highly granular targeting. 

Branded finds the exact audience you need by proactively recruiting from hundreds of different consumer segments and industries to fuel B2C and B2B research. Our strategic recruiting offers diverse audience segments enriched with opinions, emotions and aspirations. And our AI is continually analyzing hundreds of profiling data points to identify and classify our audience.

Branded enables innovative research 

Branded’s unique and targeted sampling capabilities support innovative tech-enabled research methods that go beyond traditional survey research. Our sizable audience enables a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. 

Our audience is eager and excited for the opportunity to participate in new and creative research methodologies from webcam studies to emotional AI to in-person focus group recruitment. Our audience’s enthusiasm about the research methodologies ultimately results in higher quality insights. 

Branded Audience is motivated to go beyond surveys

The Branded Audience is open and motivated to participate in a range of innovative research methodologies. When our clients need to conduct research using new methodologies, we have an audience who is ready and willing to participate. 

We recently conducted internal research among our audience to gauge their interest in participating in a range of research methodologies. The high-quality user experience we provide our users creates a comfortable environment and as a result, our audience is not shy about sharing when they complete studies.

Over 87 percent of our audience say they are interested in participating in in-depth interviews where they would have a direct, one-on-one conversation with a researcher. 

About 58 percent of our audience are comfortable sharing photos with researchers as part of ethnographic research and 55 percent of our audience are excited about the opportunity to participate in webcam studies. And over one-third of our users are excited to participate in eye tracking studies and biometric research. 

Branded also enables recruitment and targeting for in-person focus groups- and 25 percent of our audience has participated in an in-person focus group in the past.