BRANDthro conducts next-gen research with Branded

October 5, 2021


BRANDthro is a neuromarketing company that works to improve the effectiveness of marketing communications by providing sharper emotional understanding of a brand’s customers. BRANDthro has pioneered a new communication strategy called “wet marketing”, designed to help brands navigate the new emotion driven economy by blending neuroscience and emotion AI.  BRANDthro helps CMOs and agencies spend less on marketing and advertising and achieve greater ROI through efficiencies. 


BRANDthro needed to field a syndicated B2B study to fuel their new discipline of communication strategy - “wet marketing”.  Through this new discipline, BRANDthro provides insights and strategic consulting  to help brands better understand what their customers will do and anticipate how they will  feel. 


BRANDthro holds an extremely niche clientele that has proven hard-to-reach through their previous panel targeting efforts. They contacted Branded to do just that. BRANDthro turned to Branded’s vast survey community of over 2 million members to fuel data collection for their cutting-edge neuromarketing research. Branded provided qualified senior decision makers responsible for brand purchases in the U.S. and Canada for BRANDthro’s study. Respondents included small business owners, presidents and vice presidents at companies with under 100 employees. Reaching this audience is key to providing a complete, detailed view of the market. 


By relying on Branded’s proprietary research community, BRANDthro developed a new report to provide custom B2B insights for brands to optimize their marketing and advertising efforts. The report provides deep emotional behavioral insights for BRANDthro’s clients that they are able to leverage on an ongoing basis.