Last week we shared the Branded community’s most loved and most hated women on the Real Housewives of Dallas and Real Housewives of Orange County for the month of September. Now we’re digging deeper into how often our community watches the show, how the series makes them feel and what they are doing while watching the ladies of Dallas and the OC.

Viewers in our community are dedicated to watching the Real Housewives and keeping up with the lives of their favorite women. Roughly 36 percent of Real Housewives viewers never miss an episode and just over half (55 percent) watch occasionally. Roughly 8 in 10 viewers typically watch episodes of the Real Housewives on their televisions, with an additional 11 percent who watch on their laptops. Only 4 percent of Real Housewives viewers typically watch the show on their mobiles.

The Real Housewives series is famous for table flipping and cat fights. And our community loves it! About 1 in 3 Real Housewives viewers in our community report feeling happy while watching the show, with an additional 21 percent who feel amused and 16 percent who feel fascinated.

Watching the Real Housewives is part of a relaxing evening at home for the majority of our community members. Most viewers watch the show with their significant other (38 percent) or alone (34 percent). When watching, viewers are typically focused intensely on the show and not engaging in any other activities. When they do, viewers are likely to talk with friends or family in-person, browse websites or apps, eat or text. 

Top 5 activities while viewing:

  1. No other activities while watching (22 percent)
  2. Talk with their friends/family in-person (20 percent)
  3. Browse websites/apps (16 percent)
  4. Eat (13 percent)
  5. Text friends/family (9 percent)

No matter the city, the women of the Real Housewives indulge in wine and cocktails. And Real Housewives viewers are no different.  Red wine (18 percent), beer (17 percent) and white wine (13 percent) top the charts for our community members’ favorite beverage to enjoy while watching.

Top 5 favorite beverages while viewing:

  1. Red Wine (18 percent)
  2. Beer (17 percent)
  3. White Wine (13 percent)
  4. Soda (12 percent)
  5. Water (9 percent)

Check back for our profile of “Real Housewives” viewers.