From Russian meddling to trade wars and Supreme Court nominees, the 2018 U.S. midterm election is garnering much greater attention than past midterm elections. Branded has conducted research into the niche Politically Engaged audience which identifies not only those consumers who are most likely to vote this election cycle but also evaluates participation patterns in the political process. 

Our research found that Politically Engaged consumers encourage their friends and family to head to the polls. They actively spread the word about their favorite candidates and causes. They make monetary contributions. In essence, Politically Engaged consumers drive the narrative and momentum around campaigns and the election as a whole.

The Politically Engaged are Active and Well-Informed

Politically Engaged consumers actively participate in the political process by voting regularly and staying informed. A significantly greater proportion of the Politically Engaged says they always vote when compared to the general U.S. population. Approximately 70 percent of the Politically Engaged saying they always vote in every election.

These consumers are particularly motivated for the 2018 election with almost all intending to vote. About 53 percent of the Politically Engaged told us they always follow what is going on in politics. And the Politically Engaged are serious about the role of politics in their lives. About one-third say they have considered moving due to the political climate in their city.

Online Petitions and Letters to Officials are Most Popular Forms of Engagement

Politically Engaged consumers participate in the political process in a variety of ways. A majority of these consumers have signed online political petitions and written letters and emails to politicians or government officials in the last year. The Politically Engaged are 150 percent more likely than the average U.S. consumer to contribute money to political campaigns or attend in-person political meetings or rallies.

Download our white paper on the Politically Engaged Consumer for more insights.