The experience of community members is not always top-of-mind for researchers when conducting online survey research. We know a high quality, engaging experience is vital for collecting valuable audience insights. Researchers have an opportunity to take action using insight from Branded’s community experience study to design more compelling and engaging research.

Properly incentivizing survey respondents is a vital component of community experience. Our research findings help to better understand what our community members think about the rewards they earn. We have also dug deep into what community members are likely to purchase with their incentives.

Not surprisingly, rewards motivate the majority of Branded community members to take surveys more than any other factor. Approximately two-thirds of community members indicate they primarily take surveys with Branded for the rewards.

But rewards alone aren’t enough to motivate community members. The timing of incentives plays a key role. Recent research from Gallup evaluated whether prepaid incentives are more effective than postpaid incentives in increasing response rates. Researchers hypothesized that respondents would be more likely to complete a survey if they receive their reward beforehand. However, it turns out giving rewards at the completion of the survey lead to slightly higher response rates.

So once community members receive their incentives, what are they likely to spend these coveted rewards on? Our research finds that rewards help supplement household income for many community members. Everyday items top the charts for our community members followed by gifts for friends and family. Our community members are least likely to use their rewards for education or charitable donations.

What do you typically spend your Branded Surveys rewards on? 

Despite the value of rewards, it’s not all about points, prizes, and money for our community. Approximately 22 percent of community members indicate taking surveys is their opportunity to voice their opinions. And roughly 36 percent of community members feel productive when taking surveys.

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