Earlier this week, our research into Real Housewives viewers revealed key insights on how viewers engage when watching the show. We found that viewers are watching frequently, most often with their spouse or alone. And despite the drama and fights, viewers indicate they feel happy, amused and fascinated while watching the show. We’re continuing our exploration into the Real Housewives this week by examining the demographic profile of viewers.

Real Housewives viewers are slightly older than the average American but in line with the age of most of the women on the show. Viewers are on average 43 years old, compared to an average age of 37 years old for the total U.S. population.

Men love the Real Housewives drama just as much as women. Surprisingly, almost half (49 percent) of Real Housewives viewers in our community are men. These men are likely watching with their wives as 74 percent of the men who watch the Real Housewives are married.

Viewers of the Real Housewives of Dallas and Real Housewives of Orange County are less racially diverse than the general U.S. population. Approximately 80 percent of Real Housewives viewers are Caucasian, compared to 74 percent of the total U.S. population.

Californians make up the largest share of Real Housewives viewers at 10 percent, keeping up with the ladies of the OC. New Yorkers are next making up 8 percent and Virginians at 8 percent of viewers. Texans aren’t necessarily drawn to watching the ladies of the Dallas housewives. While Texas makes the top 10 states, only 5 percent of Real Housewives viewers come from the state.

Top 10 States for Real Housewives Viewers:

    1. California – 10% of viewers
    1. New York – 8% of viewers
    1. Virginia – 8% of viewers
    1. Florida – 7% of viewers
    1. Nevada – 6% of viewers
    1. Texas – 5% of viewers
    1. Illinois – 5% of viewers
    1. Pennsylvania – 5% of viewers
    1. Georgia – 4% of viewers
  1. North Carolina – 4% of viewers