Reaching professionals for B2B studies is a significant challenge for researchers. B2B research requires targeting and reaching a very niche audience of busy professionals. And once those participants have been identified, ensuring high-quality data is captured often poses an additional challenge.

At Branded, we find and reach working professionals to enable successful B2B research. Our community is comprised of a rich mix of consumers with active professional lives. We were curious how our community members feel about taking surveys related to their professional roles. We polled our community on March 16, 2018 and 16,415 members responded.

The vast majority of our community members are open to engaging in B2B research and responding to questions related to their professional capacity – from their decision-making responsibility to their workplace engagement. Among our community members who are in the workforce, 9 in 10 say they would feel comfortable taking surveys related to their job and employment.

Digging deeper into the data, we observed slight differences in openness to participating in B2B studies by generation. While the vast majority of workers are open to engaging in research related to their jobs, older workers in our community are slightly more likely than younger workers to feel comfortable taking job-related surveys.

Approximately 93 percent of Silent Generation (age 70+) workers and 91 percent of Baby Boomer (age 51-69) workers are comfortable taking part in B2B research. While 90 percent of Gen X (age 39-50) workers and 88 percent of Millennials (age 22-38) workers are comfortable with taking job-related surveys.

% who say they are comfortable participating in B2B Research

Working professionals use LinkedIn as a hub for networking. Roughly 45 percent of Branded community members are active LinkedIn users. LinkedIn is also a valuable resource for gathering insights on professionals. Of the community members who use LinkedIn, 37 percent say they feel comfortable sharing information from their profiles for research purposes.