At Branded, our relationship with the users in our community is based on asking questions and gathering value insights for our clients through users’ responses. We have established a level of trust within our community where our users feel comfortable when we ask them questions about their opinions and every part of their lives.

Our users are actively engaged and excited about responding to our questions, but how do they feel about asking and answering questions in their personal lives? We conducted a poll to ask our users if they enjoy when their friends and family ask them questions. Our poll was conducted on August 22, 2018 and 16,690 users responded.

Overall, our research found that 86 percent of our users generally like being asked questions by their friends and family members.

Surprisingly, the social sharers of the Millennial generation are less likely than their older counterparts to say they enjoy when friends and family ask questions. Approximately 83 percent of Millennials (age 22-38) say they like when loved ones ask them questions, compared to 85 percent of Gen X (age 39-50), 90 percent of Baby Boomers (age 51-69) and 93 percent of the Silent Generation (age 70+).

On the other hand, we also polled our users to ask if they feel comfortable asking questions of their friends and family. Our poll was conducted on August 23, 2018 and 16,600 users responded.

The vast majority – 92 percent – of our users generally feel comfortable asking their friends and family questions. Similar to the trend in our poll on answering questions, we found that older users are slightly more likely than younger users to say they enjoy asking questions of their loved ones. Approximately 95 percent of the Silent Generation users, 93 percent of Baby Boomers users and 93 percent of Gen X users are comfortable asking others questions compared to 91 percent of Millennials.

% Who Enjoy Answering and Asking Questions with Friends/Family by Generation