Compelling and engaging survey design results in a better user experience and thus higher quality data. Researchers have a wide variety of tactics at their disposal to improve survey design from question type to questionnaire length to visual content in the quest for high-quality data.

At Branded, we were curious about the impact of visual content on our users’ survey taking experience. We know that inclusion of video content has enhanced users experience on websites and social media. But is the same true for surveys? Do videos and pictures make surveys more enjoyable for our users? Is there truly an impact?

We polled our community on April 24, 2018 and 17,268 users responded. Overall, our research found that 1 in 2 members of our community say surveys that include videos, GIFs or pictures are more enjoyable than those that do not.

While visual content is popular across the board, these features are particularly important for researchers looking to target young consumers and multicultural consumers. Digging into the data, we observed important nuances by both generation and race/ethnicity.

Not surprisingly, the tech-savvy Millennials are more likely than older generations to favor surveys with videos. Roughly 55 percent of Millennials say they enjoy surveys with visual content more than those without. However, many within Gen X and Baby Boomers also indicate that videos improve their survey experience. Only 3 in 10 Silent Generation community members say visual content leads to a more enjoyable experience.

% who say surveys that include videos, GIFs or pictures more enjoyable by Generation

Multicultural community members are more likely to enjoy visual content in surveys than Caucasian community members. Hispanic community members are most likely to favor videos and GIFs in surveys. Roughly 58 percent of Hispanic community members and 57 percent of African American community members. say they like visual content in surveys.  

% who say surveys that include videos, GIFs or pictures more enjoyable by Race/Ethnicity