Consumers are headed to the movie theater this holiday season. The week between Christmas and New Year’s sees the release of many of the year’s biggest movies and a major uptick in movie theater attendance.  

At Branded, we were curious about our users’ plans. Do they plan to head to the movies? And what types of movies do they prefer? We polled our users and asked them if they plan to go to at least one movie during the holiday season. We also asked our users to tell us their favorite movie genre. Our poll was conducted on December 12, 2018 and 13,871 users responded.

Our poll found that 27 percent of users are planning to go to at least one movie during the holiday season and an additional 33 percent of users told us they might go to a movie but have not fully decided. About 40 percent of users say they do not plan to see a movie at the theaters during the holiday season.

Men are more likely than women to say they are planning to see a movie in the theaters during the holidays. About 31 percent of men told us they plan to see a movie in the theaters during the holidays, compared to 24 percent of women. Additionally, 31 percent of men say they might see a movie during the holidays and 35 percent of women might see a movie.

So, what type of film are users most likely to select when they head to the movies? Our poll found that comedies top the charts, followed by action/adventure movies. Approximately 30 percent of users prefer comedies, followed by 15 percent for action/adventure, 12 percent for drama and 11 percent for Sci-Fi movies.

Women are more likely than men to favor comedies and dramas. While men are more likely to favor action/adventure and Sci-Fi movies.

Favorite Movie Genre by Gender