Matchmaking may be one of the world’s oldest professions, but technology has taken it to the next level. Online dating is now a $2 billion industry in the United States, with annual growth of 5 percent between 2011 and 2016, according to research by IBISWorld Reports. From mainstream dating apps like Tinder and Match to niche dating apps like the League and Our Time, consumers have many options for making connections online.

Dating apps may help fuel connections but do consumers believe those connections lead to real love? Just in time for the holidays, Branded asked our community members if they believe people can find love using online dating apps like Tinder. We polled our community and 15,841 community members responded.

Overall, our community members are skeptical of finding love online. About 28 percent of panelists believe finding love using dating apps is possible, while 41 percent think love may be possible but aren’t completely convinced. Roughly 18 percent of our community members do not think finding love online is possible.

Do you think it is possible to find love on dating apps? 

Our research shows distinctions based on gender and generation. Men are more likely than women to believe in finding online love. Roughly 34 percent of men believe it is possible to find love using dating apps, compared with only 24 percent of women.

This trend holds true across all generations.  No matter their age, men are more likely than women in believe it is possible to find love using online dating apps. Millennial men (age 21-38) are the most optimistic about finding love online. These younger men are 50 percent more likely than average to believe in finding love using online dating. Older generations are more skeptical of finding love online but are not completely pessimistic. Roughly 4 in 10 Boomers (age 51-69) and Silent Generation (age 70+) community members believe it may be possible to find love online.

Do you think it is possible to find love on dating apps? 

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