Every quarter, Branded takes the pulse of our U.S. community members’ economic confidence, outlook, and spending habits. The results of our Q1 2018 study found that U.S. consumers are cautiously optimistic and focused on saving for the future. About one-third of U.S. consumers feel optimistic about their lives. And 1 in 5 consumers feel confident taking risks right now. While optimism has remained relatively constant, consumers’ willingness to take risks has dropped from 22.5 percent in Q3 2017 to 19.5 percent in Q1 2018.

When consumers have extra money, they are increasingly focused on saving rather than spending. Almost 6 in 10 consumers save their spare cash. When they do shop, Amazon and Walmart top the charts for favorite retailers to purchase apparel and technology products. Consumers tend to shop more frequently at their favorite retailers for apparel over technology products. Roughly 34 percent of consumers shop at their favorite clothing retailers a couple times per month, compared to 20 percent at favorite technology retailers.