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Hispanic Audiences


The U.S Hispanic population has reached new highs with over 57.5M in 2016

Do you have a quality resource that gives you access to this growing multicultural community?

Through our strong partnerships, Branded has access to a unique, mobile-first research platform for Hispanics. We have the ability to reach the coveted Hispanic (Spanish-preferred) audience, gaining rich profiling and location data allow for multidimensional audience targeting.

We studied the lives of Hispanic consumers in the U.S. to find more about Hispanic consumers’ priorities and definitions of success in this day and age. The New American Dream is a white paper we created to dive deeper into the hispanic community’s opinions on:

  • The importance and impact of family
  • Homeownership and financial goals
  • Work ethic and importance of education

what sets us apart

branded hispanic audience differentiatiors


Audience compositions

Our audience includes a full spectrum of hispanic consumers, including 100% Spanish (language) preferred. Traditional panels tend to skew bilingual or English-preferred


Panel Size

600,000+ active Spanish(language) preferred respondents


Device Penetration

90% smartphone penetration


Contact Methodology

SMS text and mobile web. Most traditional panels require email access


Opt-in and contact language

Spanish. Traditional panels offers English or Spanish



Robust sample size in top Hispanic markets and key emerging markets. Traditional panels lack granularity and offer national-level only


Panel Recruitment

80% location-based recruitment & 20% digital and traditional media


Targeting and Profiling

Panelists can be selected using pre-profiled data or real-time profiling. Additional data across a variety of categories including financial, health, technology and product usage is available.