Consumers are spending more time than ever before online and connected. The average American now spends 24 hours per week online, up from 14 hours per week just a decade ago. Staying constantly connected has it benefits but can also be overwhelming.

At Branded, we were curious if our users say they are constantly online and if they are overwhelmed by the constant connection. First, we asked our users if they are online constantly, either on their computers or mobile devices. We polled our users on July 2, 2018 and 16,551 users responded.

Overall, 43 percent of users say they are online constantly. Digging deeper into the results, we observed distinctions in the data by generation. Not surprisingly, younger consumers are more likely than older consumers to say they are online constantly. Approximately 58 percent of Gen Z (age 13-21) and 53 percent of Millennials (age 22-38) say they are online constantly, compared to 45 percent of Gen X (age 39-50), 31 percent of Baby Boomers (age 51-69) and 16 percent of the Silent Generation (age 70+).

Among Gen Z users, Hispanics are most likely to say they are almost constantly online at 69 percent. Older Hispanic users are more likely to be online constantly than their older counterparts in other racial and ethnic groups. Roughly 20 percent of Hispanics in the Silent Generation say they are online constantly compared to 16 percent of the generation as a whole.

Given that many users are online constantly, we were curious if they often feel overwhelmed by the Internet. We polled our community to ask this question on July 3, 2018 and 17,989 users responded. Our research found that roughly 1 in 2 users say they often feel overwhelmed by the Internet.

Young consumers, who are more likely to be constantly online, are also more likely to often feel overwhelmed by the Internet. Approximately 62 percent of Gen Z and 59 percent of Millennials say they are often overwhelmed by the Internet, compared to 46 percent of Gen X, 41 percent of Baby Boomers and 45 percent of the Silent Generation.