In-depth interviews (IDI) are conducted to collect valuable qualitative insights through extensive one-on-one interviews with a small number of highly qualified respondents. These interviews are meant for a very specific audience that the researcher has intentionally chosen and seek to explore the audience’s perspectives on a particular idea, program or product.

The primary advantage of in-depth interviews is that they provide much more detailed information than what is available through other data collection methods such as surveys. They also may provide a more relaxed environment in which to collect information – people may feel more comfortable providing more nuanced responses in a more personal one-on-one setting.  

At Branded, we help our clients find the right audience for their in-depth interviews and coordinate scheduling efforts. We know that in-depth interviews provide valuable insights for researchers – but how do participants feel about the experience? Enthusiasm and interest in the research from participants ultimately result in higher quality data.

We conducted a poll to ask our users if they are interested in participating in in-depth interviews for research purposes. Our poll was conducted on September 2, 2017, and 16,063 users responded.

Our research found that the vast majority of our users are interested in participating in in-depth interviews. Overall, 85 percent of our users express interest in this type of research – and the popularity of in-depth interviews spans demographic groups.

IDIs are universally popular across generations but middle-aged consumers in Gen X (age 39-50) and Baby Boomers (age 51-69) are slightly more likely than consumers in other generations to be interested in participating in an in-depth interview. Approximately 87 percent of Gen X and 86 percent of Baby Boomers are interested IDIs compared to 85 percent of Millennials (age 22-38) and 81 percent of the Silent Generation (age 70+).

% Interested in Participating in In-Depth Interviews by Generation

Digging into the poll results by race and ethnicity, we find that African American and Caucasian users are most likely to say they are interested in participating in in-depth interviews. Roughly 86 percent of African American users and 85 percent of Caucasian users are interested in participating in in-depth interviews, compared to 82 percent of Hispanic users and 79 percent of Asian users.