The new season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars starts tonight with an all-star cast of celebrity contestants and professional dancers. At Branded, we asked the Dancing with the Stars fans in our community to predict which contestants will make the final three in the finale. Branded polled a sample of Dancing with the Stars viewers on September 12, 2017, who have watched the show in the past and intend to watch the upcoming season.

Dancing with the Stars viewers in our community predict Nikki Bella, Nick Lachey, and Debbie Gibson will be the final three contestants in the finale. Viewers were least likely to guess that Lindsey Stirling, Frankie Muniz, or Sasha Pieterse will be one of the final three contestants. Before the cast of this season of Dancing with the Stars was revealed, viewers were most familiar with Debbie Gibson, Nick Lachey, and Barbara Corcoran, indicating strong name recognition for these contestants.  

Our research found Dancing with the Stars viewers are dedicated to watching the show and voting for their favorite contestants. Roughly 40 percent of viewers indicate they never miss an episode of Dancing with the Stars, and an additional 51 percent of viewers state they watch occasionally. Approximately 35 percent of viewers vote for their favorite contestants after every episode, and an additional 40 percent indicate they vote occasionally. Voting online at is most popular, with 39 percent of viewers using this voting method most often, followed by 30 percent of viewers who typically vote via phone and 17 percent of viewers who typically vote via Facebook.

Watching Dancing with the Stars is an uplifting experience for viewers. Approximately 40 percent of viewers feel happy while watching the show, with an additional 13 percent of viewers stating they feel excited and 11 percent of viewers stating they feel inspired.

Just over 4 in 10 viewers typically watch episodes of Dancing with the Stars with their spouse or significant other. An additional 21 percent typically watch alone and 14 percent watch with their children. About 3 in 10 viewers are focused when watching Dancing with the Stars and engage in no other activities, while 25 percent of viewers talk with friends or family in-person and 13 percent eat while watching the show.

Check back at the end of the season for our assessment of how well viewers were able to predict the finalists.