Brinc Partners With GlimpzIt to Lead Market Research Industry in Next Generation Data Collection

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–brinc (Branded Research Inc.) is a global market research company leading the way in leveraging new technologies for better, faster and more reliable data collection. Today, brinc announces its partnership with GlimpzIt, a machine-learning platform that analyzes unstructured data (pictures, videos, & text) to build personalized offerings that resonate with customers on a deep emotional level.

“We partner with new methodology companies like GlimpzIt to incorporate qualitative work in what was traditionally quantitative sample research,” said Matt Gaffney, CEO and co-founder of brinc. “Working with GlimpzIt allows us to truly humanize data collection and provide our clients with more meaningful customer insights.”

So how does it work? GlimpzIt lets consumers use pictures, video and text to answer unstructured and open-ended questions and uses its AI technology to detect patterns in behavior and uncover consumer emotions. This form of qualitative data collection allows brinc to create conversations and surveys with specific demographics in mind.

United in their methodology, both companies impart a programmatic approach to data collection and analysis allowing GlimpzIt to seamlessly and efficiently interact with brinc’s research community. GlimpzIt’s techniques have proven successful for some of the biggest companies across the globe, including NBC Universal, Hallmark and The Glover Park Group, by providing brands the opportunity to better understand their customers and how to provide a successful, desirable product or campaign.

“A major challenge in the insights industry today is gathering and analyzing qualitative data at scale,” said Sami Kaipa, CTO and co-founder of GlimpzIt. “brinc has cultivated the most adept community at delivering high quality unstructured data at breakneck speed. Our partnership with brinc allows us to offer some of the world’s leading companies deep human level insights into what their customers crave.”

Focusing on what both companies do best, the brinc-GlimpzIt partnership elevates depth of results for clients. Leading AI technology, powered by reliable data; the future of market research is unstructured data. And programmatic.

About brinc

brinc (Branded Research Inc.) is a global market research company offering secure, socially-leveraged sample and quantitative research solutions. Humanizing data collection by leveraging trusted social communities, brinc provides reliable and powerful metrics to both consumer and b2b clients. Through proven and innovative methods, as well as proprietary technologies like MintVine, brinc is able to actively engage with consumers and reach specified target audiences, resulting in more precise and complete end data. To learn more, visit