About 8.3 million people tuned in to watch the premiere of CBS’s Survivor Season 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers on September 27th. Since the premiere, viewers have had the opportunity to study and analyze the contestants to determine who has the greatest potential to outwit, outplay and outlast the other castaways.

At Branded, we’re always listening to our community and gathering their insight. We recently asked our community members to predict the final 3 castaways on this season of Survivor. Branded polled a sample of 500 community members on October 3, 2017, who watched the premiere episode of Survivor on September 27th. Our tribe has spoken. Our community members predict John “JP” Hilsabeck, Alan Ball and Chrissy Hofbeck will be the final 3 castaways this season.

Branded’s Prediction for the Final 3 Castaways:

  1. John “JP” Hilsabeck
  2. Alan Ball
  3. Chrissy Hofbeck

Continuing our conversation with our community, we dug deeper into how viewers feel about watching Survivor and what they’re doing while watching the show. Our research reveals key insights on how viewers engage with Survivor.

Survivor viewers are committed with roughly 1 in 2 viewers indicating they never miss an episode. Roughly 4 in 5 Survivor viewers typically watch the show on a television with an additional 13 percent who watch on their laptops. And viewers not only love watching the show, they are also eager to get in on the action themselves. Approximately 40 percent Survivor viewers are interested in signing up to be contestants on the show.

Not surprisingly given their excitement to join the show, viewers tend to have positive feelings about watching Survivor. About 26 percent of viewers feel happy watching Survivor, with an additional 18 percent indicating they feel excited and 18 percent indicating they feel fascinated when watching episodes.

Almost half (49 percent) of Survivor viewers watch the show with their significant other, while 21 percent watch alone. When watching episodes of Survivor, 32 percent of viewers do not multitask and focus solely on the show. Besides focusing on the show, talking with family or friends (18 percent) and eating (13 percent) are the most popular activities viewers engage in while watching the show.