Americans continue to refill their glasses as alcohol sales have experienced steady growth over the last ten years. The explosion of the craft beer scene and resurgence of whiskey has driven much of the growth in the industry.

Given this growth, we were curious how many of our community members drink alcohol. And if they do, what type of adult beverage is their favorite to indulge in? We polled our community and 13,173 community members participated.

Overall, enjoying an adult beverage is ubiquitous within our community with roughly 7 in 10 community members indicating they drink alcohol while 29 percent indicating they abstain. Our research found that women in the Silent Generation (age 70+) are most likely to abstain, with 42 percent indicating they don’t drink alcoholic beverages.

Breaking down the data further, we noticed differences in alcohol preference by gender and generation. These nuances are key to understanding the best consumer markets to target for different types of alcoholic beverages.

No matter their age, men are more likely than women to indicate that beer is their favorite alcoholic beverage. Of all generations of men, Gen X (age 39-50) men are the most likely to cite beer as their favorite alcoholic drink with 45 percent responding favorably. Baby Boomer men (age 51-69) follow Gen X men with 43 percent indicating beer is their preferred alcoholic beverage.

Wine is the drink of choice for women across the generations. Among women, Baby Boomers ( age 51-69) and the Silent generation are the most likely to drink wine. The younger generations, Millennial (age 21-38) and Gen X (age 39-50) women also enjoy cocktails in addition to wine, driven by the trendy craft cocktail movement. And despite beer’s popularity among men, younger generations of women are more likely to enjoy beer than older generations.

Preferred Alcoholic Beverage-  Men by Generation

Preferred Alcoholic Beverage – Women by Generation