The blending of retail and technology is making shopping an increasingly connected experience for shoppers. And retailers are responding by integrating multichannel strategies into their marketing plans, particularly mobile coupons.  According to recent research from Access, 45 percent of marketers use mobile coupons as part of their marketing strategy.

Mobile coupons offer brands and retailers the opportunity to create personalized, targeted offers that consumers can use when shopping in-store or online. The in-store experience and mobile coupons work together seamlessly for a truly connected shopping experience. Finding a coupon often seals the deal and undecided shoppers can easily check to see if mobile coupons are available while in the store.

At Branded, we were curious how many of our community members regularly use mobile coupons when shopping. And are mobile coupons more popular with specific segments of our community? We polled our community and 15,412 members responded.

Our research found that over half – 53 percent- of our community members have used mobile coupons when shopping.

Mobile coupon usage is even more prevalent among upscale members of our community. Our community members with household income over $100,000 are 20 percent more likely than average to use mobile coupons. On the other end of the spectrum, our community members with household income levels between $15,000-$24,000 are 25 percent less likely than average to have used mobile coupons.

Digging deeper, mobile coupons usage is higher among women in each income band.  The differences are most significant at lower income bands with 46 percent of women with household income $15,000-$24,000 indicating they have used mobile coupons versus 40 percent of community members within this income band as a whole.

Coupons usage not only drives shoppers to make a purchase. Coupons actually lead to increased spending among shoppers. Forrester Research found that 55 percent of shoppers who used mobile consumers during their last in-store or online order spent at least $25 more than planned.

Mobile Coupon Usage by Household Income