Schedules are getting busier and busier, but consumers still place a high value on healthy home-cooked meals. Enter meal-kits. Meal kits from Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, where fresh ingredients and pre-planned recipes are delivered to consumers’ doorsteps, have flooded the market. Packaged Facts estimates that meal-kits generated roughly $1.5 billion in sales in 2016. And yet, according to research from Fast Company, only 10 percent of consumers stick with their meal kit subscriptions past the 6-month mark.

At Branded, we wondered what motivates our community members to try a meal-kit service? We polled our community and 15,508 of our members responded. Understanding the key motivators for trying meal kits serves as valuable insight when developing strategies to retain subscribers. Across the board, our community indicates the top motivator for trying a meal-kit service is the potential to save money on groceries. However, as designed today, meal kits are more focused on providing quality food, a pleasant cooking experience, and convenience rather than cost-savings.

Our research into meal-kit motivations also revealed some interesting nuances by race and ethnicity. Culture and food are closely aligned leading different racial and ethnic groups to put emphasis on different parts of the cooking and dining experience.

In addition to saving money, African American and Hispanic community members are focused on the food options available from meal kits. African American community members are also interested in trying new, easy-to-follow recipes. And Hispanic community members enjoy options for eating healthy.

Caucasian and Asian community members are closely aligned in their motivations for trying meal kit subscriptions. These community members are less focused on the food options and more focused on the convenience meal kits provide. The ability to skip grocery shopping is a highly valued perk for these members of our community. Understanding these nuances by race and ethnicity is key to developing strategies to retain meal kit subscribers.

Top Meal-Kit Motivators by Race/Ethnicity