From Waymo and Uber to Tesla and Mercedes, technology and automotive firms are fighting it out in the race to develop self-driving cars. And 2017 has been a milestone year for self-driving cars. Tesla is planning to conduct a cross-country test launch with a self-driving car making the journey from Los Angeles to New York. And Waymo is launching a fleet of 100 self-driving Chrysler minivans for testing on public roads that could serve as the taxis of the future. Self-driving vehicles promise to transform how people and goods are transported, but is the public ready for the self-driving car revolution?

We wanted to know how our Branded community members feel about self-driving cars. Would our community members feel comfortable riding in a self-driving car? Or is there still uncertainty about using self-driving vehicles for transportation? We polled our community and 17,324 community members responded.

Our research found that the Branded community is mixed in their feelings about riding in self-driving cars. About 1 in 3 community members indicate they would be comfortable riding in a self-driving car, with an additional 23 percent indicating they are still unsure and haven’t made up their minds. Roughly 48 percent of community members indicate they would not feel comfortable riding in a self-driving vehicle.

Openness to self-driving cars among panelists differs from state to state. Community members living in Washington D.C. top the charts and are most receptive to self-driving cars. Panelists living in Washington D.C. are 53 percent more likely than average to indicate they would be comfortable riding in a self-driving car. Panelists in  New York, California, Delaware, and Connecticut round out the top 5. Residents of these states are more likely than those in other states to cite high levels of comfort with self-driving cars. Public transportation is already prevalent in these states and could lead to the easier adoption of self-driving vehicles. And the top 5 states, particularly California, represent the epicenters of the development of self-driving car technology.

Top 5 States for Panelists Comfortable with Self-Driving Cars

    1. Washington D.C. – Index 153
    1. New York – Index 142
    1. California – Index 135
    1. Delaware – Index 132
  1. Connecticut – Index 127

Index where 100=average likelihood to feel comfortable riding in self-driving cars.