The close of summer is nearing, but there are still plenty of vacation plans in sight for the Branded Community. According to AAA research, 42 percent of Americans plan to take a vacation in 2017. And approximately 30 percent of consumers indicate they are more likely to take a vacation this year, compared to 2016.

With a busy travel season upon us, Branded was curious what our community enjoys doing most when they take vacations. We recently asked our community members to tell us their favorite vacation activity, ranging from sightseeing to shopping to sleeping. 15,223 community members responded to our poll.

And while there are differences, we were surprised to find that young or old, community members across all generations look forward to sightseeing the most on their vacations. There are plenty of options for community members to take in the sights wherever they travel. According to research from Web in Travel, in the U.S. alone, there are roughly 67,000 sightseeing tour companies valued at approximately $20 billion. This makes sightseeing the third largest travel segment following airlines and accommodations.

In addition to a love of sightseeing, each generation has distinct vacation preferences. Gen Z community members (age 14-20) top the charts with 56 percent of this young generation citing sightseeing as their favorite vacation activity. These active teenagers also enjoy shopping and outdoor activities when taking vacations.

Millennials (age 21-38) are more likely than other generations to enjoy shopping. And as the generation that drove the resurgence of festival culture, it is not surprising that Millennials enjoy attending concerts or festivals while on vacation.

Gen X (age 39-50), who are at the height of their working and parenting years, see vacations as a chance to rest and recharge, indicating a preference for sleeping or resting on vacation.

Older generations are focused new dining experiences while traveling. Baby Boomers (age 50-69) and Silent Generation (age 70+) panelists are more likely than other generations to enjoy trying new restaurants or bars while on vacation.

Favorite Vacation Activity by Generation