Pets are not just animals – they are beloved members of the family for many pet owners. And this means the pet industry is big business in the marketplace. According to the American Pet Product Association, the pet industry is projected to take in $69 billion this year, up more than 25 percent from 2010.

Because people view their pets as part of the family, they want to give them all the luxuries they would give themselves or their children. Most of the growth in the pet industry is on the high-end with the introduction of spa treatments, natural food diets, and pet daycare. And according to research from Mintel, 1 in 10 pets has their own social media page.

At Branded, we were curious how many of our community members are pet owners. And if certain pockets of our community are more likely than others have pets in the family. We polled our community and 14,755 community members replied.

The majority – almost 66 percent – of our community members own at least one pet. Digging deeper into the data, we observed some interesting trends when we examined pet ownership by race and ethnicity. Hispanic and Caucasian community members are more likely than average to have pets in their households. Roughly 70 percent of Caucasian community members own at least one pet. And 69 percent of Hispanic community members are pet owners.

On the other hand, Asian and African American community members are less likely than average to have pets. Approximately 43 percent of Asian community members own at least one pet. And 44 percent of African-American community members are pet owners.

Overall, Caucasian and Hispanic consumers are more likely to live in suburban and rural parts of the country, likely giving them more space for pets. While Asian and African American consumers tend to live in smaller spaces in urban areas.

Owns at Least One Pet by Race/Ethnicity