From self-service kiosks at retailers and restaurants to Amazon’s cashier-free convenience stores, technology continues to drive innovation in the retail industry. Self-service kiosks at retailers allow for quick checkout and reduced lines for improved customer experience. And the financial impact of self-service kiosks is huge for the industry. According to research from Technavio, the market size of the global self-service kiosk market is expected to reach $18 billion in revenue by 2020.

At Branded, we were curious how our community feels about the rise of self-service kiosks. Do they feel comfortable using the kiosks? Do they miss the personal interaction of a live cashier? We asked our community if they are comfortable with traditional check-out lanes with live cashiers being replaced with self-service kiosks. We polled our community and 15,258 members responded.

Overall, 52 percent of our community members are comfortable with the shift to self-service kiosks. Roughly 12 percent of Branded community members are unsure about self-service kiosks and are still making up their minds. Digging into the data, we observed higher comfort levels with self-service kiosks among multicultural members of our community.

Within the multicultural community, Asian community members are the most likely to be comfortable with self-service kiosks. Asian community members are 18 percent more likely than average to feel comfortable with the shift from traditional check-out lanes to self-service. Hispanic community members are 12 percent more likely than average to feel comfortable with the shift to self-service. And African American community members are 2 percent more likely than average to feel comfortable with self-service.

On the other hand, Caucasian community members are 14 percent less likely than average to feel comfortable with self-service kiosks.

Research from Harvard Business Review has shown that shoppers spend more money when they use self-service kiosks as opposed to a live cashier, making it key to capture the right consumers with this new retail technology.

Panelists Comfortable with Self-Service Retail Kiosks by Race/Ethnicity