The music industry has emerged from the struggles of post-Recession years and is experiencing a transformation. Growth in the industry has been driven, in large part, by live music experiences. Concerts brought in an estimated $5.5 billion in 2016, with projections for increased growth over the next couple years. Even with increased access to free music through streaming services like Pandora, music fans are willing to pay for a shared, live experience with their fellow music fans.

At Branded, we were curious how many of our community members enjoy attending concerts? And what genre of music are they most likely to see live? We polled our community and 15,642 panelists responded.

Our research found that attending concerts is universally popular with 86 percent of community members indicating they enjoy seeing live music. Digging deeper, we found that the social sharers of the Millennial generation are more likely than older generations to indicate they enjoy attending live concerts. Roughly 89 percent of Millennials (age 21-38) enjoy attending live music experiences, following by 86 percent of Gen X (age 39-50), 79 percent of Baby Boomers (age 51-69) and 63 percent of the Silent Generation (age 70+).

In addition to differences in concert attendance, the generations differ in their music genre preferences. Millennials and Gen X favor alternative rock, hard rock, and pop concerts. While older community members in the Boomer and Silent Generation tend to favor country music concerts.

Targeting and marketing concert events to specific generations is not deep enough. Among the heavy concert-goers in the Millennial generation, men and women are equally likely to attend live music events. However, we observed distinctions in genre preference by gender. Millennial women are more likely to prefer pop, alternative rock and country music concerts than men in the Millennial generation. On the other hand, Millennial men prefer hard rock and hip hop/rap concerts than their female counterparts.

Millennials Favorite Concert Genre: Women vs. Men