Going green has gone mainstream. Consumers are more and more likely to engage in eco-friendly activities personally and they expect the companies they purchase from to be sustainable and responsible as well. With so many environmentally-friendly options on the market – from all-natural cleaning products to ethical fashion and hybrid vehicles- Branded was curious if our community is inclined to purchase eco-friendly products.

We asked our community members if they are more likely to purchase a product because it is more environmentally-friendly than competitive products. 15,600 Branded community members weighed in on our poll.

Overall, 26 percent of our community members indicate they always buy products they feel are more eco-friendly than competitive options. And 52 percent indicate they buy eco-friendly products sometimes, but it isn’t a top priority when making purchasing decisions.

Digging deeper, our research found the higher the level of educational attainment among our community members, the more likely it is that they favor purchasing eco-friendly products. Community members with a 4-year college degree are 20 percent more likely than average to regularly purchase eco-friendly products. And community members with a Ph.D. are a whopping 68 percent more likely than average to indicate they regularly purchase green goods.

On the other end of the spectrum, community members with a high school education are 30 percent less likely than average to indicate they regularly purchase eco-friendly items.

Understanding the types of consumers most likely to purchase green products is important for organizations that want to capitalize on the green trend.

Likelihood of Purchasing Eco-Friendly Products by Educational Attainment

Values are indices where 100=average Branded community member. Indices below 100 indicate below average likelihood and indices above 100 indicate above average likelihood