According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are roughly 1.6 million nonprofit organizations in the U.S., giving consumers plenty of opportunities to support their favorite causes. At Branded, we wanted to know first, whether our community members are contributing to their favorite charitable causes and second, the primary way they contribute to nonprofits. We polled our community and 14,629 members responded.

It wasn’t surprising to us to find that Branded community members are do-gooders. They care about making contributions to their communities and their favorite causes. Approximately 85 percent of community members indicate they have donated to a nonprofit in the last year.

Our research revealed some fascinating trends across the generations. Younger community members in Gen Z (age 14-20) and Millennials (age 21-38) donate their time and services over money. Gen Z is 75 percent more likely than average to donate their services to their favorite causes. And Millennials are 16 percent more likely than average to donate their time to their favorite causes. As a whole, Millennials have been characterized as broke and still recovering from the Great Recession. Yet, even upscale (HHI $75,000+) Gen Z and Millennials community members are more likely to contribute to their time and services rather than money.

In contrast, Boomers (age 50-69) and Silent Generation (age 70+) are more likely to donate money, clothing or goods. Surprisingly, older community members, many of whom are retired, are less likely to donate their time or services to their favorite causes. This trend intensifies when looking at upscale Baby Boomers and Silent Generation community members (HHI $75,000+) who are even more likely to donate money, clothing, and goods to their favorite nonprofits.

For nonprofits looking to reach potential donors and volunteers, this insight into the generations is vital for successful outreach. Recruit Gen Z and Millennial consumers to volunteer their time or share their skills. And look to Baby Boomers and Silent Generation to make financial contributions.