The online survey-taking experience of our community members is our top priority. We recognize that not all panelists are the same and aim to provide the best possible insights from people who are not treated as units of measure or simple data points.

At Branded we dig deep into the experience of our panelists. We want to understand how our panelists are taking surveys as well as their likes and dislikes about the process. 

Our research has found that panelists tend to take surveys with several different communities. These panelists are experienced and understand the process. Approximately 76 percent of our community members take surveys with multiple communities in addition to Branded. Yet, about 1 in 4 members are dedicated and loyal to taking surveys with only Branded.

Survey Community Membership

Given that most community members are highly engaged and invested in taking surveys, we were curious if there is a relationship between the number of survey communities a panelist belongs to and their likelihood to share commentary on their survey-taking experience on social media. Ultimately, are the community members who belong to many survey communities more likely to share their thoughts and opinions on survey-taking on social media or blogs?

It turns out that the opposite is true. Community members who belong to only the Branded community are the most likely to engage with their social networks about survey-taking.  Community members who only take surveys with Branded are 1.2 times more likely than average to share their thoughts and opinions on survey-taking on social media and blogs. Community members who belong to four or more communities are the least likely to discuss their survey-taking experience with their social communities.

Social Media Sharers by Community Membership