Partnership to Deliver Neuro Insights that Power Data-Led Storytelling Across Platform for B2C + B2B Brands

New York, NY—September 27, 2019   Branded, a leading data acquisition firm known for its ability to connect brands across sector and category to their customer segments with unmatched precision and BRANDthro, a neuromarketing consultancy pioneering Wet Marketing, a new communications discipline that marries neuroscience and emotion AI to help brands sharpen their emotional intelligence, today announced a strategic alliance in the market research industry. The new partnership will bring BRANDthro’s neuro driven insights to Branded’s client base with an eye on leveraging the strength of both firms to help deliver more informative means of customer segmentation.

John Ackerman, President of Branded, said “We are excited to be able to partner with BRANDthro as they are at the cutting edge of harnessing creativity, technology and science to help brands sharpen their emotional intelligence and better connect with their targets. This perfectly aligns with our firm’s legacy of finding the exact audience our clients want to reach and then working to complement big data by capturing attitudes and emotions, which generates a 360 degree view of our clients’ customers.”

BRANDthro’s Emotional Profile Report offering, which is available through bespoke consulting services and customized AIaaS models, helps clients to build an emotional profile of customer segments and brand, which then informs data-led storytelling across platform. The insights connect linguistic stimuli to primary and secondary emotions, while also measuring emotional intensity. This allows organizations to measure consumer response to any type of brand language with 99.99% accuracy. It also enables marketers to understand if messaging is impacting brand affect, or positive emotional intensity, as when this happens, trust, spend and loyalty rise commensurately.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with a research innovator like Branded to help us democratize the use of neuro insights and their application to a brand’s emotional intelligence,” commented Todd Myers, Co-Founder + CSO of BRANDthro. “The Wild West days of neuroscience are behind us. We’ve developed an offering that leverages the power of neuro and emotion AI in a way that makes it accessible to the broader market and addresses today’s most complex marketing challenge, which is the need for brands to build trust via deeper customer understanding,” concluded Billee Howard, Founder + CEO of BRANDthro.

To be illustrative of the type of neuro insights BRANDthro will be adding to Branded’s capabilities, the firms are unveiling some of the most compelling findings of a recent study they did together with Cargo, an agency authority on business to small business marketing, entitled The Emotional Topography of Millennial SBOS, which examined Millennial Small Business owners and their emotional response to key issues and trends facing entrepreneurs.

The study was conducted with targets gathered by Branded and the raw data was provided to BRANDthro for ingestion into their algorithms. All linguistic stimuli were mapped to the proprietary emotional continuum below, comprised of both primary and secondary emotions.

Image Courtesy of BRANDthro

Key Insights

  • Gen Y SBOs enjoy the thrill of being entrepreneurs, but have a through line of caution due to their highly conscientious personalities, that tempers their natural instinct toward risk and discovery. This impacts their overall happiness.
  • Brands that understand the above paradox, and approach target with collaborative dialogue that helps them directly address issues driving trepidation, will do well.
  • Rationale engagement edged past emotional engagement in what’s driving the decision-making process. Since the gap is largely overly accentuated due to the personality trait paradox, it’s vital for brands trying to engage with this target to do so with a powerful one-two punch that incorporates both the what and the why.
  • Gen Y SBOs feel the strongest emotional intensity towards brands that convey passion, purpose, autonomy and collaboration. These needs supersede a focus on profit only.
  • Millennial SBOs are most joyful about brand purpose that focuses on humanity and inclusion specifically, as opposed to broad aspiration. 
  • Target values brand utility, and positively emotionally engage with the idea of brands’ enabling them to live their best lives as SBOs.

Research Methodology

Using raw data acquired by Branded, BRANDthro used proprietary AI and advanced machine learning to compute the emotional displacement from equilibrium to identify the most effective language to use and those most likely to be emotionally moved to engage.  Further analysis used IBM Watson Personality Insights API to assess the personality of the respondents. The custom online survey instrument, designed by BRANDthro, consisted of forty-five multiple choice questions and twenty questions that the respondents had to answer on a seven-point Lickert scale and had a sample size of 100. Participants were defined as Small Business Owners in the US, born between 1980 and 1994, and working in businesses ranging in size from 1 – 99 employees. They were given 20 minutes to complete the survey.  

To learn more about this new offering or the research study findings, please contact John Ackerman, or Todd Myers,

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BRANDthro uses proprietary AI and neuroscience to create a richer understanding of a brand, their targets and content through the lens of personality, emotion and language. We believe emotion is a significant driver of behavior. Only when a brand moves people to feel, will it move them to act. We’re helping organizations bring commercial intimacy and data-led creativity to scale to unlock the economic power of emotion.