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We have paid out close to $7 million dollars to the Branded Community


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Branded has a direct connection to unique, niche B2B, and consumer audiences from our vast data ecosystem. Our audience includes pre-existing segments in the U.S., U.K., and Canada with the ability to reach consumers on a global scale.

We reach and engage hard-to-find audiences.

Looking to reach a specific audience with precision? Let us know and we’ll help you find them.


B2B and Recruit to Qualitative

Branded offers segmented access to key business decision makers and other qualified professionals, offering panelists in IT Financial Services and Human Resources, along with other highly segmented industries.

We offer quantitative-to-qualitative recruiting for real insights from real people in our clients’ target audiences. Reach and engage with your niche or hard-to find audiences.

Data Integrity
& Security

Branded utilizes proprietary quality assurance programs to provide identification analysis and scoring as well as real time analysis of consumer data. We maintain the integrity and security of that data and the overall protection of personally identifiable information. Branded adheres to both GDPR and CCPA regulations and extends those rights to all community members.