Employers are constantly looking for ways to optimize productivity and increase employee engagement. Experimenting with different work and teams structures is often part of this drive for optimal results. Across various studies, research has shown that working in teams boosts productivity more than working individually. When people work together to complete a task or meet a common goal, they can capitalize on the collective skills, thoughts, and dialogue.

Working in teams may be best for productivity, but how do consumers feel? We polled our community to find out. We asked our users if they prefer to work as a team or an individual on tasks. The poll was conducted on May 10, 2018, and 16,328 users responded.

Overall, our users enjoy a mix of teamwork and individual work when completing tasks. Roughly 47 percent of users say they like the opportunity to work as a team on some tasks and work individually on others. About 38 percent of users say they prefer to work alone on tasks. And 15 percent say prefer to work exclusively with teams.  

Because teamwork is not favored by users overall, we wanted to explore if any one segment of the population is more likely to favor working with others. Digging deeper into the data, we observed distinctions by race and ethnicity. Asian users are more likely to enjoy working as a team than users of other racial backgrounds. About 22 percent of Asian users say they prefer working in teams, compared with 17 percent of Hispanic users, 15 percent of African American users and 11 percent of Caucasian users.

% who Favor Working in Teams by Race/Ethnicity

Among Asian users, there are key differences by gender. Men are more likely than women to favor working with others. Roughly 25 percent of Asian male users say they enjoy working with a team compared to 20 percent of Asian female users.