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Branded Research: Humanizing Data Collection

Branded offers comprehensive audience and insight solutions to enterprises across the globe. Our data collection platform helps our clients gather unique insights to develop more informed marketing and product development strategies.

  • 1.7M+

    proprietary panelists in the U.S., U.K. and Canada

  • 3B

    global reach

  • 2.8M

    surveys completed by our panelists in 2016

How is it done?

Branded Surveys, our proprietary research community, provides companies the consumer and business insights needed to make definitive decisions about their products and services. Our audiences are members of communities whose collective opinions and insights are qualified through willing, natural interaction and powerful social engagement.

We take a unique, communicative approach to humanize the data collection process. Our community was founded on core principle of social engagement and the power of the simple conversation. It's what sets us apart from the rest. We believe that a relevant, quality conversation elicits a quality response.

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